Color Swatches

All available colors for silicone products can be found here. Scroll all the way down for complete list.

Lemonade Mermaid silicone products are made with pigments mixed directly into the silicone - not painted on top in a thin layer. This ensures the best, most vibrant color payoff with no risk of color "cracking" or flaking off with use.

There are several types of pigments available, including chameleon pigments, and sun-activated pigments. The photos below are very accurate to what they look like in silicone. However, if you would like to see what a pigment looks like in real life, you can have a color sample sent to you. 

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Custom colors are available upon request for an additional fee.








Chameleon colors consist of one dominant color, and up to 4 reflection colors.

Shisho - Purple, Blue, Pink, Gold

Akebi - Orange, Violet, Blue

Golden Pavillon - Green, Gold

Tonegawa - Purple, Blue, Green, Turquoise

Kiji - Teal, Purple, Blue

White Chameleons

These are similar to regular chameleons, except the dominant color in all of these is white. These can have up to 4 reflection colors, and can be mixed with black for an intense "siren" effect!

Origami - Violet, Blue, Cyan

Geisha Doll - Purple, Violet, Blue

Monitor Lizard - Green, Yellow, Blue

Sapporo - Blue, Gold, Green


White-to-Purple, Pink-to-Blue, and White-to-Blue available. The intensity of the color change depends on the intensity of the UV exposure! The sunnier it is, the more vibrant the activated colors will be :)


These colors glow in the dark! The left side shows the pigments as they appear in normal daylight. The right side shows what the pigments look like in the dark.