Color Swatches

All available colors for silicone products can be found here. Scroll all the way down for complete list.

Images are very accurate representations of what the colors look like in silicone. However, we highly recommend purchasing color samples of any chameleon pigments so you can see what they look like in person before committing.

Click here to purchase color samples.

Custom colors are available upon request for an additional fee.





Reds & Pinks


These pigments cannot be airbrushed onto other colors. However, you can airbrush other pigments on top of them!


These pigments change color in the sun, and revert back to their original color in the shade.


These pigments reflect a variety of colors depending on the angle of the light, and texture of the silicone.

Shisho - Purple, Gold, Pink, Green

Akebi - Orange, Purple, Blue, Pink

Golden Pavillon - Gold, Green, Bronze

Kiji - Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple

Tonegawa - Pink, Orange, Turquoise Blue

White Chameleons

Can be used by themselves, or over a black base for a more vibrant effect.

Origami - Violet, Cyan

Geisha Doll - Purple, Pink

Monitor Lizard - Green, Yellow

Sapporo - Gold, Blue

Glow-in-the-Dark/UV Activated

Colors glow in the dark, and under a black light. Images coming soon.