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Magic-in-a-Bottle Eyeshadow Pigments

Magic-in-a-Bottle Eyeshadow Pigments

CHECK BACK SOON FOR RESTOCKS OF OUR POPULAR SELECTIONS! Our bestselling eyeshadow of the future now comes in a magical little bottle! This is our shade-shifting, exclusive formula for a dramatic and intense, buildable experience in a beautiful, loose powder. Apply it like eye shadow but watch it magically take on multi-colors so that it shades and contours all by itself! Your friends and admirers will be bewitched by the effect! Our magical pigments are completely undiluted, and do not contain any black or white pigments used in other products to "bulk up" the colors. Apply with a damp or dry brush for dramatic effect on eyes, lips and cheeks. Note: The product may appear monochromatic in the container. You will see its incredible shade-shifting properties when you swipe it on!

Cosmetics FAQs

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How to Use/Tips/Tricks

Treat like a traditional eyeshadow, or DIY your own beauty products
by adding to a nourishing oil! As with all powder pigments, apply over a
tacky base like a primer or concealer. Mix with other mixing mediums to form your own eyeliners and mascaras. You can also wet your eyeshadow brushes with water or setting spray, and dip into pigment for an extremely vibrant and reflective effect! Remember, a little goes a LONG way.

Important Info

Pigments come in standard, sealed 5g cosmetic jars. It is normal for your jar to not be filled up "all the way." This reduces any chance of spills or pops caused by a overstuffed jar. We don't want your beautiful pigments to escape!

Color Descriptions

Lemonade Mermaid - Pink/Copper/Gold shift

Ursula - Purple/Gold/Green shift

Sea Melon (Pastel) - Pastel Pink/Pastel Green shift


Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide.

Product does NOT contain glitter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bright and Bold!

I have the Ursula color and it's very bright and pigmented, a little of this goes a long way. You can really see the color shift well. Perfect for a bold siren look. I put down a white waterproof eyeshadow base and put this on top for a look that will last all day, even if I am swimming or it is hot and humid outside. Highly recommend!

So glad you love the Ursula pigment! Would love to see photos :)


This multi chrome mermaid skin loose pigment is magical. This is *not* glitter, it is much more elegant and special. I use it on my eyelids, it takes 30 seconds to sweep on with a brush and stays on all day. I love it and look forward to trying more shades. Also, the amount of powder in the small jar will go a very long way judging from the small amount I use at a time.