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Kids' Mermaid Tail Set (3 colors)

Kids' Mermaid Tail Set (3 colors)

Please read FAQs linked at the bottom of the page before ordering.

The seaweed is always greener on the other side... so trade your legs in for a tail with these beautiful, one-of-a-kind children's mermaid tail sets! More than an ordinary costume, this set can get wet and is suitable for swimming (with adult supervision only).

Mermaid tail opens at the bottom so your child can walk-and-wear! Perfect for parties or Halloween!

We've been working hard to bring you these beautiful mermaid tails that your sea princess or prince is sure to love.

Set includes one mermaid tail, one matching two-piece mermaid swimsuit, one mermaid tail necklace, and matching flower headband. The set is made to get wet! 

Set does NOT include a monofin, which is required to use the tail to swim around in. A monofin is a flexible piece that fits inside the bottom of the tail. It is typically sold by shoe size. Swimming in a tail with a monofin is a learned skill and should only be attempted with strict adult supervision. Monofins at the following link are examples of ones that should fit into the appropriate-sized tail: Click here to purchase a swimming monofin if you do not already own one.

Sizing Chart

Tail material is very stretchy. If your child is in between sizes, you can size down for a snug fit, or size up for a fit they will grow into.


Tail Length (in)

Waist (in)

Hip (in)

Child's Height (in)

Small (5-6 yrs)

41.3 in

18.1 in 22 in 43.7-47.2 in

Medium (7-8 yrs)

43.3 in

18.9 in 22.8 in 47.6-51.2 in

Large (9-10 yrs)

45.3 in

19.7 in 23.6 in 51.6-55.1 in

Extra Large (11-12 yrs)

47.2 in

20.5 in 24.4 in 55.5-61.0 in

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Safety Warning

Adult supervision and a monofin are always required for this product. Swimming in any tail without a monofin, or without adult supervision, could lead to injury or death. Children should never be left unsupervised in or near water. Click here to purchase a children's monofin if you do not already own one!

What is a Monofin?

If you want your beautiful mermaid tail to keep its shape in the water, and so you can swim in it, you will need to purchase a monofin. A monofin provides propulsion - you will not be able to swim properly without it.

Swimming without a monofin will create loose pockets of fabric around
the feet that will prevent proper swimming, and cause safety issues.

Important Info

Mermaid tail sets are manufactured by a third party, and inspected for
quality control by Lemonade Mermaid. Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for production and delivery.

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